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26 February 2016 @ 11:08 pm
Let the Games Begin  
Rolling his eyes while being dragged along by Byron and his little gang of friends, Regulus had to admit that being at the World Cup was most exciting as the group began to make its way to the stadium for the first match, but still, the young wizard grimaced at the thought of what hell he had went through to gather extra tickets for his nephew's little group and one annoying wizard--James Potter. There would be hell to pay and his arse was the one it would be coming out of with what he went through to get these four extra tickets...and that wasn't even counting the ticket that ended up in Andromeda's hands. Atleast with that, he knew the witch would never be caught dead at one of these events. How stupid--he must be a blathering idiot and losing his mind to make a mistake like that let alone have his family here with him in Romania--dreadful little country that it was. If not for the quidditch, it was only little more than a patch of rock and mud for damned dragons.

"Merlin, Byron...you boys slow it down. Once you yank my arm out of its socket, I dare say we will not get to the match any faster..."with this he then turned to his wife who just shrugged and assured him if he was injured, she could fix him.

"Come on, Uncle Reg...aren't you excited?" By chirped. "You seen the tent yet? It's..." he looked to his mother for the right word. "What did you call it, Mum?"

Dorcus who was holding onto the crook of Sirius' arm as they walked, grinned. "Crazy cool...all we really need is a...what do they call those tubs with hot water the Muggles love so much?" she questioned aloud.

Right about then, Regulus was rather glad his little family had their own tent as Magnolia spoke up. "Hot tub."

It was then Dorcus sighed and nudged a hip against her wizard. "This brings back memories...sorta...kinda of the last time we went to a match as a group...I was knocked up with By...and they had the best food imaginable at that match..." she sighed wistfully over the rememberance of food.

"So, who is playing?" Byron questioned as Harry and Neville uttered the same. "Yeah...who? And what food?"
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