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26 February 2016 @ 02:47 pm
The stiletto heel shoe portkey brought Andromeda right to the Bulgarian grounds for the Quidditch cup.

"Ugh." She crinkled her nose as she looked around. Tents everywhere. Not her cup of tea. But she had decided to endure the process just to catch up with Regulus. She smiled to herself. Oh did she want to see his face when he saw her!

She pulled out her wand and brought forth a magical tent. Not much to look at on the outside. She pulled back a flap and walked in. But the inside! Red damask and gold trim everywhere. A kitchen annex and a lovely bedroom complete with featherbed. Something was missing. She remembered.


The little elf appeared and then looked about.

"Oooh missus." She squeaked with admiration. "So pretty!"

"Make me some tea." Andromeda ordered, falling back into a particularly comfy high backed chair. She needed a bit of time before heading out to annoy Regulus. Hopefully she would be able to find the man in the mess of tents and throngs of people outside.

She ruminated on a game plan.

"I guess I will just have to look for the loudest bunch of rugrats in the area." She spoke of her cousin's children. Both Sirius and Regulus had at least two apiece. "The noise alone will give them away."
Results of Tracking Charm: Bulgaria
Feeling: deviousdevious
Now playing on the WWN: house elf in kitchen making a racket