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07 February 2016 @ 12:35 am
New Job, New Opportunities and a New Path  
Sitting at his desk, Charlie Weasley finished rubbing the cooling burn cream onto the newest red singed mark on his arm. He was just finishing up his second week of training at the dragon sanctuary in Romania, and Charlie was never more certain he had chosen the correct life for himself.

Animals had always drawn him but none more fascinated the young wizard then the mighty dragon. Great beasts soaring though the air, their hard scales making them nearly invincible, and yet there was a grace and elegance to the massive creatures, at least in his eyes. Charlie had always it seemed been attracted to such dichotomy. Probably why he couldn't find a steady witch, he mused with a snort.

Not that he was going to find any witch worth the effort in the wilds of Romania. Unless... Charlie's eyes were then drawn to the bright ticket sticking out of the edge of the mirror. He grinned wide as his thoughts turned to the unexpected fringe benefit all the trainers had been given just days before. It definitely paid to work for one of the sponsors of this years Qidditch World Cup. His older brother Bill was going to choke on his broom when he found out where Charlie was going and he wasn't.

In fact why wait he thought, picking up a quill and a piece of parchment.

Dearest Brother in whatever dusty tomb you're buried in,

Guess what.....
Results of Tracking Charm: Romania
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