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06 February 2016 @ 02:47 pm
Andi apparated right into the front room of her flat. She dismissed the help that had carried her luggage and trunks and called for her elf.


Andi had been moving in and out of her flat for ages, traveling the eventing circuit with her horse Ferrox and her lovely, lovely instructor Noah. The whole tour did not go exactly as planned and she had to retire from the whole thing early as Ferrox was not behaving as a well trained horse should. Instead of eventing and being in the ribbons, the horse had a reputation for bolting towards the mares in the middle of an event. Thanks to Regulus her horse was ruined. He wasn't a show horse, he was a damn stud. Regulus had bred the stallion so many times the horse had become perpetually horny. There wasn't a mare he wouldn't mount. It became quite embarrassing in the ring. Try being in a saddle when your horse is trying to mate another horse. She shook her head in disgust. Damn Regulus. Now the horse had to go back into training with her instructor. The animal was back at Noah's barn where she heard he was kicking down fences to get to the very, very expensive mares at Noah's facility. Oh well. Ferrox was Noah's problem now.

Her place was not exactly in order. With her traveling, the construction came to a halt and boards and wallboards and construction tools were everywhere. It had been like this for ages. She sighed. It wasn't fit to live in yet.

"Smidge!" She bellowed this time.

The little creature apparated with a POP.

"Oh missus! Glad to see-"

"Get me some tea." She interrupted. Then looked about. "And clean this kitchen up."

The little elf took to her jobs immediately.

"And bring me some parchment and quill."

It was time to let her family know she was home. And the first on her list: Regulus. She wondered how he would react to a post from her after all this time.

She had been gone for quite a bit, not keeping in touch with anyone. Now she found herself with time on her hands. She was not quite sure what she was going to do. Maybe a job? She had not had a job in ages. The Ministry she believed to be her last place of employment. What a flop that was. She was not sure she wanted a job. But it definitely was in the back of her mind.

Smidge produced a cup of tea, parchment and quill.

"And the ink?" Andi cuffed the elf for good measure. The imp squeaked and fetched her mistress some ink.

She tapped the quill tip to the parchment. Tap. Tap. Tap.

What to say? What to say?