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05 February 2016 @ 02:26 am
The Invitation or When Backyard BBQs Go Wrong  
The front door exploded open in a flurry of activity and noise as three prepubescent boys bowled over an over burdened wizard. Racing through the house and up the stairs, Bryon Black, Harry Potter and Neville Lupin shattered the quiet afternoon as they screamed and laughed amid noxious smoke and exploding firecrackers.

Sirius finally managed to elbow the door closed. Just returning from taking the boys to Diagon Alley for their school supplies and other important necessities, namely an over indulged trip to Zonko's Joke Shoppe, Sirius had been left with the less interesting packages to carry. Namely all the school supplies, minus wands of course. The boys counted them as the only interesting educational buy of the day.

Chuckling and coughing through the haze, Sirius finally reached the lounge where he was able to dump his tittering load. He waved a hand over his face to dispel the smoke and smell before seeing and smiling at a pair of withering green eyes.

"Hello Pumpkin, how's Daddy's girl today?" he asked ten year old Anabel. But she said nothing and kept staring with the stinky eye she inherited from her mother making the wizard grow uncomfortable with a slight pang of guilt. "Don't look at me like that Pumpkin, I told you, you get your turn next year."

Leaning down and lowering his voice as if afraid of being overheard Sirius continued, "Besides didn't I promise a certain pretty princess a special trip to Hogsmeade Village, just you and me." He reminded Ana of the earlier bribe made to get them out of the house without the fall of tears.
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lg_anabel: Not againlg_anabel on February 6th, 2016 01:28 am (UTC)
Anabel Black considered her father for a few more stony moments before heaving a sigh. "And we'll even go to the tea room too?" She asked, but when Sirius' face blanched and it looked like he was about to put limits on just how far he was going be blackmailed, Ana's face screwed up in a fierce scowl.

"Okay, okay, yes even the bloody tea room! Vultures, the lot of you witches," he mumbled the last under his breath and ran a hand over his face at the though of having to sit and sip weak tea in the over done pink lace nightmare.

"Fine, I'm not mad at you anymore then," Anabel said with a carefree shrug of her shoulders and a wide grin. She then went back to coloring the drawing of the unicorn her mother had made her earlier.

Looking down with a shell-shocked look in his eyes, Sirius stuck his hands in his pockets and scuffed a toe on the carpet. "So where's your mum? I thought she wanted to have some big party?" He asked, looking over into the dark kitchen. "Still can't believe she asked your uncle and aunt, knowing full well James and Remus are coming and how much he hates us all."

"Uncle Reggie doesn't hate you Daddy. I mean he hasn't cursed you in months." the little girl snickered remembering the last time.

Sirius ground his teeth, also remembering, "Alright that's enough out of you, don't push your luck you still haven't made it to Hogsmeade yet, little girl."

Not in the least worried over his implied threat, Ana laughed out right. "But Daddy, you looked so cute in your donkey ears."

"WHERE is your mother?" Sirius repeated, ignoring the whole topic.

"She's out back, blowing up the garden."

Just as Sirius whipped his head around in horrid panic the whole house shook and rattled as a loud boom sounded.
lg_byron: Byron facelg_byron on February 6th, 2016 03:03 am (UTC)
"I can't believe your mum was really going to send you to Durmstrang, don't she know it's nothing but dark wizards?" Byron said as he popped another Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Bean into his mouth. "Yuck, turnip." he shivered.

"Yeah she was thinking about it, but Dad set her straight right quick." Harry said, uncomfortable with the way the conversation had turned to his parents and their now livid hatred of the other. "Say Neville, you still looking for a Merlin card?" He asked changing the subject swiftly as he held out the card from his Chocolate Frog.

All three boys then piled into a heap around a small hill of Chocolate Frogs ripping into them for the desired cards when Neville suddenly looked around Byron's bedroom. "Do you smell something?"

"Nah you still have your shoes on dontcha," Harry teased just as the room shook violently.

Dust rained down as all three looked at each other in surprise. "It wasn't us!" Byron screeched loud enough to be heard downstairs, worried they were about to get into trouble for whatever had exploded.

"Came from outside I reckon." Harry pointed to a large black flume of smoke rising past the window.

All three rushed up to the window, their faces pressed flush to the glass.

"Oh no Dad's going to kill Mum." Byron moaned. "That's his prized grill, built it himself you know, the muggle way - real bricks and mortar and all." he explained, in awe of the manual feat.

"You really think so, he didn't get all that mad at us when we forgot we left those exploding snaps in there." Harry reminded his friend.

Byron rolled his eyes, "He said the singe marks added character or some such. But he was totally hacked off when Ana used that dazzlely think Aunt Alice gave her and covered it in pink rhinestones. He was digging them off for days, and that was WITH magic."

Neville suddenly turned his head up with a gulp. "That explains the say Mum came home from work looking like a giant white bunny wearing a pink tutu. My dad spent the whole evening trying to transfigure her back, once he stopped laughing of course. He even had to floo call one of the professors at Hogswarts for help." Neville looked at Byron with sympathy. "Your dad really might just off her this time."

They all turned back to the window to watch with morbid fascination as said wizard had finally arrived on the scene.
lg_dorcus: Blacks Witch by Kendralg_dorcus on February 6th, 2016 04:37 am (UTC)
Dorcus stood there, blinking, just blinking. Honestly, that's all she could really do in that moment over the shock and the loud ringing in her ears.

She took note from the corner of her eyes of her wizard racing out the back door and coming to an abrupt halt beside her. Sure she saw his mouth moving and knew the creative shouting of curses falling easily from his lips without really hearing an uttered syllable. They had been together for a good long time after all.

Watching his arms flailing in a maddened state, a bit of hair pulling going on too as her wizard noted the now odd leaning of his beloved grill amidst the billowing smoke and flames, the witch then pointed in his direction after taking a shaky step.

Extending an arm with an ashen and crispy steak at the end of a grilling fork, Dorcus pointed it towards her lover's chest. "This is all your fault!" she shouted at the top of her lungs before taking her free hand to smack at her left ear in the hopes of knocking some sound back into it. "YOUR FAULT!" Dorcus added for good and loud measure, ignorant of neighbors peering from behind windows to the scene, not to mention the myriad of wide eyes watching from the windows of her own cottage.

lg_regulusblack: Regulus Pout Black by Kendralg_regulusblack on February 7th, 2016 12:31 am (UTC)
Holding Emma in his arms, Regulus heard his brother's rambled snarls and fussing as he and Magnolia walked into the backyard of Honeysuckle Cottage.

"I see all is the same," the younger Black quipped as he watched Sirius dodge a crusty burnt steak on the end of a rather sharp cooking fork that the previous' witch was waving in his brother's direction.

Walking closer, after receiving a sharp elbow to the ribs from his wife, Regulus put Emma to the ground where the little witch skipped off in search of her favorite cousin.

Rounding a bit, Regulus gave his own witch a bit of a perturbed pout. "I don't know why you are trying to correct me, you know it's true with those two," he nodded in the other couple's directions. "Besides, I am in too good a mood to let you take out a rib to bother me today," he winked to Magnolia. For he was just itching to tell everyone of his great conquest in the quidditch world...a wizard had every right to crow over such a crowning glory.

Walking closer, coughing just a bit amidst the smoke and rubble of the grill, Regulus with Magnolia in hand stopped short of the bickering couple as Dorcus was accusing his brother of the death of his beloved grill due to skippering off all day to tend to an overly long trip to Diagon Alley and ignoring helping his witch prepare for 'said' cookout.

Clearing his throat rather loudly, noting how Dorcus still did not stop fussing but Sirius turned, Regulus then nodded his head towards the charres steak. "I sure hope there is more to go around because I'm telling you right now...I like my steak rare..." the younger Black smirked.
lg_sirius: dangerous wizardlg_sirius on February 7th, 2016 12:42 am (UTC)
Sirius' mouth moved without sound for a while before he finally turned to look at Dorcus.

"MY fault? How in the bloody blue blazes can you fathom to blame me for this? Hells woman I wasn't even here!"

He pushed the long grilling fork pointed at him to the side with enough force that the smoking rock that had once been prime grade meat fell off and bounced to the grass. "You were the one that decided to blow up the damned bloody back-garden!"

Sirius started stepping forward while forcing the witch backward, his finger now the one stabbing towards her face.

"You're the one that just had to have an outdoor barbecue party! Oh Sirius won't it be fun," he mocked in a false falsetto. "Well are we bloody well having fun now, are we? You were the one that just had to invite my prat of a brother, the rest of them will end up blowing up the rest of the house tonight just so you know. So at least your off to a good start, eh!"

"As far as I'm concerned the whole bloody things entirely utterly totally YOUR FAULT!" Sirius yelled.

But almost as quickly as his rage boiled over it drained away as the wizard heard the shifting of rubble as a few more bricks crumbled from the charred shell. Tears came to his eyes as he turned with slumped shoulders to survey his ruined pride and joy.

"What did you do to it?" Sirius asked plantifully. "She's survived our kids all this time only to die painfully after only one date with you."

lg_dorcus: Blacks Witch by Kendralg_dorcus on February 7th, 2016 07:44 am (UTC)
Managing to hear a few words through the ringing in her ears, Dorcus too deflated. "I didn't mean for this to happen...I just...I don't honestly know what I did...spell gone bad," she sighed before taking a step forward and putting a hand to her wizard's shoulder.

"I just wanted a simple cookout before By leaves for Hogwarts...I didn't think you would be gone all day with the boys...I got overwhelmed and..." Dorcus took a deep breath. " Sorry."

"Your prat of a brother is here..." She smiled teasingly before glancing over her shoulder to the othe Black and Magnolia.

Wrapping her arms about her wizard from behind Dorcus rested her chin on his shoulder. " We will rebuild. Promise. And I can help."

"But what the blazes are we going to eat now?"
lg_magnolialg_magnolia on February 8th, 2016 06:02 am (UTC)
After having been unsuccessful in pulling her noisy husband back into the house, Magnolia tossed her hands up and let him go with a roll of her eyes.

Reaching out she pulled Dorcus away from where Regulus was now taking the mickey out of his brother. "Come on Dor, let
s raid the pantry, between the two of us we can come up with something. Besides I need a break from Regulus. He has been maniacally gleeful the last couple of days."

"I just wished he would hurry up and tell us what he has done so he will stop grinning like an idiot." She told her sister-in-law as they disappeared back into the house.
lg_regulusblack: Regulus older smirk by Kenlg_regulusblack on February 9th, 2016 05:15 am (UTC)
With hands in his pockets and rocking back and forth on his feet, Reguls just nodded his head as he took in the shattered remains of the grill his brother so seemingly adored.

"Oi...it's a goner, alright. I just find it truly amazing how your witch can do so much destruction so quickly...have to admire that," the younger Black smirked.

With a shrug of his shoulders, Regulus sighed heavily, he could not keep his news to himself any longer.

"What are you and your herd doing in two weeks? Plans? No...doubtful but I thought I should ask."

Nobody said he couldn't drag this out in agonizing steps just to annoy his brother.
lg_byron: Byron Blacklg_byron on February 10th, 2016 09:31 am (UTC)
"We never have any plan...or so mum says," Byron remarked as he walked up to his uncle and father.

"Why?" He asked curiously with a tilt of his head just like his mother.

This made Regulus chuckle. "Atleast someone around here is interested in my news..."

With that, Regulus pulled from his back pocket pristine tickets...tickets that were priceless. And in a grand flurish he handed them to Sirius as Byron nosed in closer.

"Read them and weep, big brother...quiddich cup tickets..." He all but crowed.

lg_sirius: Cool Wizardlg_sirius on February 17th, 2016 07:06 am (UTC)
Suddenly what his brother was saying penetrated his thick head. "Q - Quiddich Worl... Do you mean to tell me you, you little shite, are actually going to the Quiddich World Cup?"

"I'd swear you were half goblin with the way even when you fart it comes out gold," Sirius bemoaned as he all but salivated over the tickets in his hand.

"Wow, Uncle Reg, Dad's right you sure are lucky. You ermm, didn't end up with an extra ticket did you?" Byron asked with a sly grin just before Sirius lightly wacked his arm for being greedy.

But just as he was reprimanding his son, Sirius wondered the same thing, counting the tickets in his hand. "Did you?"
lg_regulusblack: Reg Leaning Back Elbow to knee by Rachellg_regulusblack on February 18th, 2016 05:49 am (UTC)
With a roll of his eyes, Regulus waved the tickets under his brother's nose.

"I am saying that we are going to the World Cup...You, me, Mags, Dor...the ankle biters..." In that second Byron was squealing and wrapping his arms about his uncle's waist...he knew what an ankle biter was.

"Thank you, uncle Reg...I will tell the others...they are so not going to believe this!" With that, Byron Black was a blur as he raced into the cottage.

Looking to his brother, Reg cocked his head. "So? Dragon finally got your tongue?" He chided.

"You don't have to accept...I mean I honestly don't have a clue seeing as how big a prat I am and...." Regulus snapped his fingers before Sirius' face. "You still with me?"
lg_siriuslg_sirius on February 22nd, 2016 08:24 am (UTC)
Sirius suddenly let an ear-shattering yell and jumped his little brother. "I take it back! I take it back. How in the hells did you get your greedy little hands on that many tickets?"

However before Regulus could answer, Byron returned with his friends. Circling the wizards the boys formed a ring, chanting their joy.

"Wow, Mr. Black it sure is swell of you to take us to the World Cup!" Neville grinned.

"Yeah I guess my dad was wrong bout you. You really can't be the biggest prat to ever roam the earth." Harry added with a laugh.
lg_magnolialg_magnolia on February 22nd, 2016 08:46 am (UTC)
A blur of motion flew from the house followed by Dorcus and Magnolia. The blur hit the Blacks and the boys at full speed knocking them all off their feet.

James Potter had Regulus trapped in a massive bear hug as he chortled his glee. "I take back everything I ever said about you Black. Hell even everything I ever even THOUGHT about you! You are a prince, a prince of a wizard, mighty and magnificent and generous. Did I mention generous?" James reiterated as he smiled a boyish grin in the face of his new hero.

"Byron told us you were taking all of us to the Cup next month. He was right, right? You wouldn't want to make your nephew a liar would you?"

"He most certainly would not." Magnolia quickly interjected as she saw her husbands now angry face about to speak. "Byron is very excited we were thoughtful enough to include his friends and their parents." Mags smiled to everyone but had sharp eyes narrowed on Regulus just daring him to have the meltdown she knew he was itching for.

As the chaos resumed, Magnolia bent down briefly to where Regulus was still prone. "So you just have to buy a few more passes or tickets or whatever, no big deal." She waved off the massive impossibility she had just committed him to.

Sirius, also still trapped underneath the Potter express, overheard and just stared googled-eyed at how clueless his sister-in-law was. Then he looked at Regulus and laughed uncontrollably. "You are sooo whooped little brother."