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29 January 2014 @ 09:11 pm
OWL to Anabel Black, re:guess what!  
Emma sat at the miniature white desk in her bedroom laboring over a special letter she was drafting to her best friend and most favorite cousin. With the tip of her tounge poking out of the corner of her mouth, a move that would have sent her father into aplexy had he witnessed it, the four going on five year old scribbled with an oversized purple glitter quill and matching ink well.

Dear Ana,

Guess what! Mummy said Pappa said I gets to go to skool too just like you!
And guess what else? I gets to go to skools with YOU!
Ant that wizzy? Mummy said I can goes on Monday. Will that girl be there, you knows Gimmie or GiGi, whats her name you told me abouts. Do she really have red hair like my crayon? Cause tats really red.
I told Mummy I wanted to wear my feather dress and hat so I would look nice for the teather Mrs. Weasle but she said it might be too fancy. What do you think?
I like my feather dress don't you?

Loves u,

Running down the hall, Emma burst into her father's office with no worry as Regulus was working away from the house that day. Clamering up into the large leather chair, she rummaged in the desk drawer, pulling out a silver tipped seal, Emma dripped a few drops of magical wax on her personalized yellow stationary evelope and pressed Regulus' seal to the wax.

Hopping down from the chair she hurried to the bird stand where Regulus giant black and grey horned owl, Zeus perched. Reaching into a pocket she pulled out the lemon tartlet she had saved from lunch and held it up for the bird. "I need to send this to Ana okay, it's real real important." She said holding up the letter as Zeus swallowed his bribe in one gulp. With a ruffle of his rare colored feathers the great owl snatched the letter and swooped out of the window the little girl rushed to open.
lg_anabel: Small Toddler purple at Doorlg_anabel on January 30th, 2014 04:45 am (UTC)
Busy with the dishes, Dor glanced up with a bit of a start and squeal upon seeing a massive shadow cross the widow before her and the tapping of Regulus' owl Zeus on the ledge. Sirius busy with his paper reading in the den did have the good graces to stop for a second and ask if she was alright before Dorcus yelled a 'I'm fine' as she opened the window to let the Owl inside.

"And just what do you have for us today, big fellow," Dorcus questioned while untying the missive and then with yellow parchment in hand, walked across to the counter and found a homemade roll to toss to the massive animal who squawked and then slammed the hard roll to the counter and fussed.

Rolling her eyes, Dor just shook her head. "No need to be snotty..." she grumped before the owl flew off through the still open window and Dor was glancing at the parchment as she walked into the den where Sirius looked up once more as Dorcus bellowed for Anabel.

"Ana!! You've and Owl from Emma!" Now this got Sirius' full attention as it sounded like a heard of hippogriffs were stomping down the stairs and into the den.

"An owl?" Anabel asked with glee, for normally they were all for her mummy and daddy, except on birthdays and holidays but this was neither.

Handing the yellow parchment to he daughter, Dorcus grinned. "Yes, silly girl, for you..." And with that, Ana snatched it from her mother's hand and dashed into the side room nearest her father's study for some privacy.

Moments later, the cottage was filled with a high pitched little girl squeal of delight as Ana started running about the home waving the yellow parchment in her hand and giggling with delight.

Dor looked to Sirius, Sirius looked to Dor.

lg_anabel: Small Toddler purple at Doorlg_anabel on January 30th, 2014 04:56 am (UTC)

This will be so cool. What you have to do to get your papa to let you goes to Mss Molly’s? You didn’t have to gives him one of your sparklies combs did you?

We will have lots and lots and LOTS of funs at school…dat is how you spells it, Mss Molly taught us dat.

Ginny, you will likes Ginny lots and yous will not believe how red her hair is…Mss Molly has red hair too…day all does. I told daddy I wants da same red hair and he choked at dinner…Mummy had to saves him.

I luvs your feather dress but don’t wears it Monday, dats our arts and crafts day and it might get goop in it. Wears dat pink dress I like sooooooooooos much, you knows, the one with the unicorn on it.

Brings a snack dough…it hard work at school and you gets hungry some days.

lg_dorcus: Dorcus Smart and Sasssy by Kendralg_dorcus on January 30th, 2014 05:05 am (UTC)
Dor stood there with hands on her hips and just watching as her daughter went about the cottage looking for her box of crayons and rushed about giddily.

"Mummy....you gots some purply..." her daughter didn't even have to finish her question before the witch was pointing to the left hand drawer in the rickety desk she used in the far side of the kitchen.

Looking to Sirius, the witch raised a dark brow as Byron came clomping downstairs and Anabel scooted to the small table and could be heard busily scrawling an Owl in reply.

"By, you know what that was all about?" Dor asked as her son plopped down on the floor and began rolling about with Sparks.

Sighing heavily, the little boy took a moment. "I thinks Emma is going to school with us..." and with those few words, he was up and chasing said dog as dog was being chased by a myriad of cats.

Dorcus looked to Sirius. "You really think so?" she asked giddly, loving the idea. Then she sobered. "Your brother's started drinking hasn't he? Quite heavily at that..."