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01 January 2014 @ 10:23 pm
A few changes in the Black Household  
Emma sat crossed-legged on the bed as she watched her Mum preparing for bed. "Mummy are you goin to kewl wits Ana and By-By?" She asked as she started to brush the hair of her favorite doll. Just as soon Magnolia would be brushing her own as part of their usual nighttime ritual.

Earlier in the day Magnolia had explained to Emma how she would be starting healer training in a few weeks. A decision the witch had wrestled with after reading the letter that told this would be the last training rotation that she would be eligible for at St. Mungos, the wizarding hospital. In fact if not for her husbands vehement urging and his strong stance in not allowing her to selflessly for-go the one dream she had held for so many years, she would have never even considered it. But with Regulus' support the witch had finally given into the long held wish and accepted the highly coveted slot in the hospitals next class.

And it was the talk she had had with Emma that now had the little girl thinking of her cousins. Often Ana and Byron told her stories of their days at Mrs. Molly's school, an experience Emma was completely ignorant of but mighty curious about.

"Ifs Anas can go to kewl with you why nots Emma can go too? Me is shart too." Emma informed Mags as she laid her hand over her chest and tilted her head up to her mother.
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lg_magnolia: mothers lovelg_magnolia on January 2nd, 2014 04:15 am (UTC)
Magnolia laughed lightly as she picked up a silver handled brush and turned to move to the bed where her four year old step-daughter sat waiting. "Yes Mummy is going to school like we talked about today, but I won't be going to the same sort of school as Anabel and Byron. They go and have lessons at Mrs. Mollys but Mummy will be going to the hospital to learn how to make sick people better. Remember we talked about where Mummy would be somedays.

"Dahs more dem one kewls?" This concept seemed to shock Emma.

"There are lots and lots of different schools," Magnolia chuckled as she sat behind Emma and began to run the brush through her thick dark curls. "Theres the ones like I will be going to, then there are schools like you and Anabel go to in the afternoons where you learn your ballet. Then of course there are schools like Hogwarts where Mummy and your Papa learned magic. And someday when your old enough so will you." She teased with a tickle that caused the girl to erupt into a gale of giggles.

"Even muggles go to school. And that is the kind of school Byron and Anabel go to at Mrs. Mollys. But they learn the same things there that you learn here with your reading and counting."

As Emma calmed from her tickle, her brow furrowed, much like her father's did when he was deep in thought. "We's not kewl. Jus us, no kewl. Ana gos kewl wit lots keds, das drow, and pays, dos moosic." Twisting about so that was she now facing Magnolia, Emma went on. "Ana sad that By-By evebed gots to tro a g- ga- ga-mee." She struggled over the unfamiliar word.

"Do you mean a gnome?" Magnolia asked, to which her daughter just nodded with a sigh. "das wah I seds."

"Sorry," Mags fought a laugh as she fingered a lock of hair out of Emma's eyes.

"Win you gos to muggy kewl, I gos to Ana kewl, odays." Emma suddenly announced. "We all gos kewl dens."

Emma's proclamation started the witch to thinking. "Would you like that Sweetie, to go to school with Ana and Byron?" At Emma's nod, Magnolia smiled and leaned down to brush a kiss over her forehead. "We'll see," was the most Magnolia was willing to promise without talking to both Regulus and Molly Weasley. "Now it's time for someone to go to sleep, you run on and get into bed and Mummy will be there in a minute to tuck you in."
lg_magnolia: in bedlg_magnolia on January 2nd, 2014 04:30 am (UTC)
Hours later Magnolia was sitting up in bed waiting for her husband to join her. All the rest of the evening until Regulus had come home from working a late meeting, the witch had been thinking about what Emma had revealed of her wishes to go to school. Mags was all for it for a great many reasons, but it was not only her decision. And not counting whether or not Mrs. Weasley had the room or was even willing to take on another young pupil, she knew the hard sell was going to be her husband.

Just then the light went off in the bath as the wizard in question came out wearing naught but the bottoms of a pair of silk pajamas. She pulled back the covers for him to climb in and turned to her side as he settled.

"I forgot to ask before, how did your meeting tonight go?" She asked, her fingers toying with the black sparse hairs sprinkled over his chest, his skin still carrying the dampness from his shower.
lg_regulusblack: Reg Leaning Back Elbow to knee by Rachellg_regulusblack on January 6th, 2014 06:42 am (UTC)
Getting comfortable, now tenderly taking her hand on his as it rested on his chest, Regulus kissed the crown of his wife's head and taking a good long sniff of the scent of her lilac shampoo he loved so much.

Briefly closing his eyes and letting out a suffering groan, the handsome wizard growled his annoyance low in his throat. "Could have gone better, damned Goblins are --some of them, are getting on my ever loving ass of late. I'm sensing an odd--odder than usual tension at Gringotts of late and that does not help my affairs in the least," he sighed.

He turned his head and fully regarded his wife. "Do not fall from the bed or go screaming into the night, but I'd much prefer dealing with the Muggles than any more of Wizarding kind of late," he rolled his eyes, it actually hurt to admit that, but latelly it was true. Not to mention his dealings in the Muggle world had been most lucrative for him and his familly...a simple fact that had probably his entire deceased family rolling over in their graves.

With a dismissive wave of his hand, Regulus just shook his head. "Nevermind my meeting, it's polite of you to ask but even I know there is something else that has been on that beautiful mind of yours since I walked through the doors tonight. What is it, Mags? I would enjoy the distraction of something else," he urged lifting her hand to his lips and giving her a soft kiss to her knuckles.

"Go on, after the evening I've had, I can take anything," he teased.
lg_magnolia: bw sexylg_magnolia on January 6th, 2014 09:18 pm (UTC)
The witch wondered if anymore famous last words had ever been spoken as her wizard spoke of nothing being able to shock or dismay him after his evening with the goblins. "Your being very sweet for someone who's had such an aggravating night." Magnolia teased of his attentions toward her hand, wanting to ease him into the ideas that had been running through her head.

Lifting her head, she propped up on her hand. "But now that you do mention it, I did have a little talk with Emma earlier that's had me thinking about somethings. It was rather amusing, she thought I was going to be going to the little school Byron and Anabel attend. I believe it's run by the nice wizarding family that lives on the other size of the village from Sirius and Dorcus. The ones with all the red hair," she prompted as if she couldn't remember and wasn't that familiar with the name.

"In fact I think I remember Dorcus telling me they were even some relation to you and Sirius. What was their name?"
lg_regulusblack: Blue shirtlg_regulusblack on January 7th, 2014 04:14 am (UTC)
Grunting, the smirk that two shots of fire whiskey earlier had granted him a touch of abandon when he got home, quickly vanished. "Yes...Weasley, that red-headed lot," he replied suspiciously as the touch of annoyance he had been trying to defeat was back with a vengance. "And yes, they are cousins by marriage," he replied with a wrinkle of his nose.

"How my brother could think to send my nephew and neice to such a...school for lack of a better word just amazes me. Surely he can not think they are receiving a proper education," he grumbled.

Suddenly it was like a punch to the gut as Regulus Black put the scattered pieces of his wife's words into place. "NO...no...no...no, don't you dare even think nor suggest what I think you are going to say in regards to Emma...NO, I will not have our child being dumbed down by theses...these...." he was now sitting up, body thrumming with annoyance at what his wife was even thinking to suggest.

"We can hire the finest tutors for our daughter...there is no way in hell she is going to be taught in a damned shack!"
lg_magnolia: in bedlg_magnolia on January 23rd, 2014 05:05 am (UTC)
"You have no idea what I was going to say or suggest. That's your problem you're always jumping to conclusions and acting an arse." The witch said, her back up even though for once the wizard had been on the right track.

"And furthermore if Emma wants to attend a school she will. And if you had bothered to indulge in a civil conversation you would have learned that she's feeling left out and told me specifically that she does want to go to school with other children.

With a last huffing breath and a shove to his shoulder for good measure, Magnolia rolled over turning her back to him. "She's my daughter too you know, or so you keep telling me. I guess I was wrong, if I don't have any say to her upbringing." she muttered with a dramatic sniff.
lg_regulusblack: Reg Leaning Back Elbow to knee by Rachellg_regulusblack on January 23rd, 2014 05:16 am (UTC)
"See...see...I wasn't jumping to any smart arse conclusions that you were not leading me into, witch," Regulus huffed, now on his back, glaring at the ceiling.

Taking a deep breath to try to calm his rising temper, Regulus closed his eyes. "Look, maybe we can find a more 'suitable' school for Emma than the one she might want to go to...it is beneath our daughter's station, Magnolia," the handsome wizard objected.

With a long suffering sigh at hearing his wife's final words regarding he role in Emma's life, Regulus bit his tongue for a few moments before rolling to place himself full at his wife's back, a strong hand going to her upper arm. "Mags, you know you are Emma's mother and I do regard your input in her well being and...but for Morgaine's bitch, does it have to be that low brow school in the Burrow that sadly my niece and nephew attend?"

This last bit was like a sucker punch before Regulus rolled onto his back once more and with the crook of his arm, elbow over his eyes. "I don't like this, Mags..." he growled to no one really in particular. "Really, there has to be something else Emma would want instead, right?"
lg_magnolia: bw sexylg_magnolia on January 23rd, 2014 05:49 am (UTC)
With a long suffering sigh, Mags rolled to her back. "Regulus, you are the one that has taken two plus two and come up with six. Yes Emma mentioned Ana and Byron's situation with mine, as well that's the only example she knows. It didn't mean she had attend Molly's classes."

"It would be good for her, learning how to interact with other children. Do you realize that she doesn't have any little friends other then Byron and Anabel? Plus she really wants to go. It's a rare thing for a child to crave an education, we should nurture it not disapprove."

Turning back around so she faced Regulus, Mags reached out her hand and caressed the arm that covered his eyes. "Don't you want our little girl to have the best most well rounded childhood we can provide her?"
lg_regulusblack: Reg Leaning Back Elbow to knee by Rachellg_regulusblack on January 23rd, 2014 05:58 am (UTC)
Sparing his wife a sliver of his gray eyes as he moved his arm just slightly to see her, the younger Black let out a long, loud sigh with a low grumble at the end. "You know I want the world for Emma and to give her a childhood that myself and Sirius certainly didn't get," he admitted, though he knew he had it much much easier than his big brother. But love or thoughts of a child's own wants and needs was never a priority in their family's eyes...something Reg was begining to understand with the help of his wife and daughter...and damnit, his brother and family.

It hit him hard too to finally realize his beautiful little girl was friendless. "Look," he uncovered his eyes and turned to his wife. "...let's just say I agree to this little idea...and I'm damned not saying yes so readily. If my daughter comes home crying over any slight by anyone's hand at that little school, heads will roll and you can't stop me. Let alone getting Emma out of there immeadiately. Do you understand?"

"Furthermore, how do you even know that she will be allowed to attend?" he had to admit, there was that slight glint of hope that Emma would not be able to attend and he hoped his wife had not picked up the glimmer of wishful thinking in his remark.
lg_magnolia: flirty smilelg_magnolia on January 29th, 2014 04:29 am (UTC)
"I hadn't necessarily thought of Molly's but now that you mention it, that might be best. We wouldn't have to worry about Emma having an accidental slip of magic like at a muggle school."

"Yes, I think you are right about that. I will send Mrs. Weasley an owl tomorrow and ask her if she could take on Emma." Magnolia said smoothly as if it had all been Regulus' idea all along. "And I think Dorcus said that they and the other couple of families that send their children there started to pay a small tuition even though Molly didn't want to take it, so I'm sure a little extra for Emma will be helpful as well as they have so little."

Reaching up she combed her fingers through his hair and cradled his head, "Oh Reggie you're so thoughtful and smart, killing two birds with one stone. Giving your daughter what she wants and finding a way to lend a helping hand to struggling relatives. That;s why I love you so much, your such a wonderful man." Pulling his head to her, Magnolia laid a searing kiss on his mouth.
lg_regulusblack: Reg Leaning Back Elbow to knee by Rachellg_regulusblack on January 29th, 2014 04:38 am (UTC)
In his wife's embrace, Regulus was still struck dumb and speechless. How the hell and what just happened? Where did I lose control and didn't even notice?

Blinking owlishly as their fevered kiss broke, Regulus did the only thing he could, 'yes, dear.' Then kissed his wife anew while pulling her against his body and having his wicked way with her till a thought hit him.

"Does this mean I have to see my bloody brother every day while dropping off Emma since you will be back in school?" his brow furrowed for he had not thought of that issue.
lg_magnolia: in bedlg_magnolia on January 29th, 2014 04:51 am (UTC)
A frown mared her face when Regulus stopped what he was doing, "No I can floo her over on my way to the hospital. And if I'm not home I'll have one of the house elfs collect her or see if Dorcus can in the afternoons. I promise you won't have to see your brother anymore then you do now." The witch said with a roll of her eyes.

"Now come back here and finish what you started," she demanded, sliding her hands under the waistband of his sleep pants.
lg_regulusblack: Reg Leaning Back Elbow to knee by Rachellg_regulusblack on January 29th, 2014 04:54 am (UTC)
Accepting her words, Regulus slid willingly back into his wife's embrace as her hand drifted further south to wrap her skilled hands about his erection.

Just as he was about to let go and enjoy her endeavors he frowned. "Promise...no more Sirius than necessary."

"BLOODY HELL, Witch!" he roared as his wife was less than delicate with her ministrations.
lg_magnolia: in bedlg_magnolia on January 29th, 2014 05:13 am (UTC)
With a growl to rival the legendary Black brothers, Magnolia flipped Regulus to his back with a sudden move. Swinging a leg, she rose to straddle the stunned wizard.

Snatching up the wand on the bed stand and using a move he had himself taught her, she quickly had his wrists tied to the bed posts. "I don't know whether to be insulted or not that my own husband would rather think about his brother then me in our bed."

Seeing him pinned down as he was, Mags was hit with an idea that had occurred to her when flipping though a book her sort of sister-in-law had slipped into her shopping at one of the risque shoppes Dorcus preferred.

"Either way it appears someone needs a little extra distraction tonight," Magnolia teased with a wicked smirk. Wiggling down his body, she drew off her nightgown at the same time. When she was finally straddling his legs, she pulled down his sleep pants, his stiff erection bouncing straight up once released.

"Now the question is what is most upper most in that fascinating mind now, talking about your brother or what you hope I'll to do next?"

Leaning over so her breath ghosted over his hard cock with ever word she spoke the witch looked up to Regulus' taunt face, "If you had one wish, what would it be?"
lg_regulusblack: pic#64529211lg_regulusblack on January 29th, 2014 05:28 am (UTC)
Fisting his hands at he tugged hard on the constraints, his hips rising off the mattress. Grey eyes filled with lust looked up to his wife.

"You know bloody well what I want, witch," he growled. "Take me in that dainty little mouth of yours and suck me off," Regulus voiced.

His head tossed back and once again he growled his frustration at being tied up. "Last damned time I teach you something like this..." he muttered under his breath as his cock was so hard it was painful just waiting for his wife to make a move.

"Mags..." he implored. "Damnit witch!"
lg_magnolia: in bedlg_magnolia on January 30th, 2014 12:58 am (UTC)
She couldn't help the almost evil chuckle that escaped her lips at Regulus' needful demands. It was simply too rare an role reversal for her not to take a tiny moment of enjoyment in his torment. Magnolia had been much more often the one begging for her not too.

But unlike her more ruthless spouse the witch gave in much more quickly then he would have in her place. "Your wish my love," she murmured lowering her head and slipping the reddened head of his cock past her lips. Mags slowly suckled on that thick knob before suddenly lifting off. "You know what they say, be careful what you wish for." she warned with a smirk, the naughty idea of what she wanted to do at the fore front of her mind.

Magnolia then enveloped him again, sucking his cock as deeply as she could, a low moan came from her throat hinting at the pleasure she also took from the intimate act.
lg_regulusblack: Reg Leaning Back Elbow to knee by Rachellg_regulusblack on January 30th, 2014 04:21 am (UTC)
Hips bucking off the mattress as his wife's luscious lips took his whole length into that hot little mouth of hers. Regulus moaned his satisfaction as he tilted his head down to get a look at his wife's talents.

It took a bit of straining, but the wizard watched his wife suck him hard and it nearly pushed him over the edge like a young virgin as his Magnolia bobbed up and down on his hard cock.

"Damn..." he muttered through clenched teeth, head finally hitting the billows, her hand to his hips to calm him from going quite so deep as he thrust to bury himself deeper in that warm heat.

Suddenly growling when he tried to move his hand to bury his digits in his wife's soft hair, Regulus squirmed but this only earned him a raised brow and a soft chuckle from his wife that nearly sent his seed to spill right there and then.

"Fuck, baby...who taught you how to..." that last bit was lost as his mind turned to mush when she pulled back and licked his shaft from base to tip, her hands gently teasing his sac.