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23 November 2013 @ 06:15 pm

Do you knows what day say day going to do to my journal? Does bad people were goings to deletes it. Can you believe dat?

Shee...day as silly as Mummy and Daddy lately.

Have me told you what day dids?

borrowing da owl
23 July 2013 @ 10:58 pm
Walking down the quaint, and very rich London neighborhood, Remus Lupin couldn't help but run his hand across the back of his neck as they neared their destination.

"Al, are you sure we were invited?" he questioned once again. They were out of their element...or atleast he was and with each footfall in these fancy robes no less, the quiet, shy Marauder was beginning to sweat.

Shrugging his shoulders most nervously trying to ease his worried tension, Alice, her hand hooked to the crook of his arm, looked to his witch again. "You don't think they meant to sent the invitation to Padfoot and Meadows and it ended up at our place by mistake, do you? Stranger things have been known to happen, you know."

He glanced up to the numbers upon the opulent townhouses they passed and then realized they were now at their destination.

Just as they took the few marble steps to the blood red door, Remus suddenly stopped.

"I don't know about this. You're absolutely positive we're supposed to be here?" The young wizard was positively feeling vulnerable and out of sorts being dressed up, in the upper-crust London neighborhood, and now standing outside Regulus Black's impressive townhouse. He'd much rather have stayed home and listened to the wireless while out in his new wood shop out back of the house working on the latest project to improve their old home--there was always something to fix.

"Why the blazes would they even invite us...US, Al?" he shook his head, sending a stray strand of sandy colored hair to fall rakishly over one eye. "I mean, what if we don't rightly know anyone here..." now the wizard was blathering without thought, just nerves.
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Magnolia dished more of the catered eggs on to Emma's plate.  "It's a good thing you are hungry this morning, you're going to need all your engery this today with all the walking we are going to be doing." she told the little girl as Emma nodded and dug back into her breakfast.

Taking the dish to the sink to rinse, the witch looked back over the bar counter where Emma was sitting on one of the stools, when she heard her husband finally make an appearance.

"Well its about time, Regulus.  You've barely enough time to eat before we have to go." She informed him as she pulled a plate she had sat back out of the warming oven.  Setting it beside Emma's place she looked down at the clothes he was wearing with a frown.

"You aren't planning on wearing that are you?"  She stated of the suit he wore.  "You look like you are going to a funeral then out sightseeing." 
02 May 2013 @ 07:12 pm
Standing in the plush lift, Magnolia held Emma's hand and stared at her husband as they rode up to the 102nd floor penthouse flat.

"Are you going to sulk and pout the whole time we are here?" She asked Regulus who was hunching his shoulders with his arms folded as he indeed wore a pouting face worthy of a five year old.

"So your suitcase didn't make it on the flight, the airline said they would have it here within a couple of days at the most." Mags pointed out, thinking that the fact that the bag wasn't actually lost, the airline knew it was still in London and was going to load it on the next flight, would logically trump the childish mood Regulus was indulging in as everything was not just as he felt it should be.

Hadn't anyone ever taught him the age old adage that shite happens?

Obviously not judging from the killing look Regulus turned on her. Shrugging her shoulders she smiled down to Emma's sweet face. She wasn't going to allow his sourpuss attitude ruin their trip. "What do you think we should do first Sweetie Pie?" She asked the quiet girl.

"I want to see the pretty lady with the light, she's really tall." Emma's eyes widened in awe at the size of the statue they had seen through the window of the airplane.

Magnolia's face softened as she looked down to the eager expression on her daughters face. "Statue of Liberty it is, first thing tomorrow. And yes you are going." She added with a brook no disobedance tone to Regulus.

Turning to face the lift doors, she continued to speaking to the wizard in a chiding voice. "And that tantrum in the car was uncalled for as well. What was the poor driver suppose to do sprout wings and fly us over the traffic jam? It certainly wasn't his fault we had to wait two hours for it to move again."
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02 March 2013 @ 11:33 pm
Scratching her head over the towering stack of reports and files piled on her desk, Magnolia chewed her lip as she flipped through yet another extensive detailing on yet another property her husband apparently owned. When Regulus had suggested they should do a complete inventory of holdings, she never expected anything of this magnitude. She new Regulus was wealthy both in part to his own ingenious with money and investments, and to the holding his uncle had left him. But really this was beyond obscene.

The townhouse in London, the country estate and even the Scottish cabin she understood, such wasn't beyond the scope of the upper crust. But a beach house in Sydney, safari lodge in the middle of Kenya, a mountainside retreat in Japan, a French chateaux, a penthouse flat in Monaco, hell there was even a hut in Swahili and she hadn't even made a dent into the stacks of residential real estate holdings in her husband's name.

Admitting defect, Mags pushed the opened file away and dropped her head to her hands. When she had come into the bright lit anti-room, Regulus had set up as an office for her once she took over the household management, Magnolia had expected to have reports of similar nature to her previous work, art work, furniture, linens.... never in her wildest dreams did she believe Regulus was leaving such as real estate, the vast equine stables and the like in her hands. Surely that was it, she suddenly brightened. Yes this was all just a gross oversight, a huge mistake that these reported were delivered to her office and not to Regulus' own.

A bright grin of relief spread over her face as Magnolia grabbed one tall stack of parchments and stumbled her way around the corner and down the long hall to Regulus' study.

Unable to see, she shouldered open the door that was ajar and waved her foot.

"You who... anyone home in here?" Magnolia chirped in a cheerful tone.
02 January 2013 @ 12:03 am
2013 test
19 September 2012 @ 12:43 am
Rushing inside the townhouse and hap-hazardly getting out of his coat and tossing it to the house elf, Regulus ran a hand through his damp hair--it was yet again a mixture of sleet and freezing rain outside.

He was late for dinner. And that was the one thing his wife was adamant about--family dinners.

Nearly coming to a slide as he made it to the dining room, Regulus took a deep breath and tried his best to look calm and capable. "You late, Uncle Reg," Byron so quickly pointed out as his own daughter pointed to the mantle clock in the next room to show her father his fate.

Quickly raising a brow to his nephew and his daughter, Regulus growled before thinking to argue with the children. "I am not late, dinner is not yet served," he smirked childishly before walking towards his place at the head of the table.

But first, he stopped behind his wife and leaned over and bussed her cheek. "Sorry, love, had a last minute meeting that ran way over time."

He slid into his chair, napkin now to his lap and as his wine glass was filled by a house elf, there was that same damn question from the soft, high pitched voice of his neice.

"Whens Mummy and Daddy coming home? It's beens a long long LONG time," Anabel aksed in that questioning, sad voice. Regulus hated that same question that came a dozen times a day for he could see well his wife's pain at hearing it.

"Soon," he again retorted, maybe a bit too harshly. But it had been days since they had received any sort of word from his brother and sister in-law...yes, they were far away. But that did not mean they could not contact them in some way, shape or form.

Regulus was just taking a breath and ready to relax and eat his meal now being served when he looked to Magnolia and noticed the forrow to her brow. "They're fine, fine," he whispered and reached across to grasp her hand.

Leaning back, Regulus looked about the table. "So, anyone want to tell me what hellish destruction happened today in my absence?" After all, one of his prized antique statues in the entry had been obliterated just the day before by a rousing game of tag. Damn this weather...the kids were going wild.
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"Pshhh," Dorcus muttered under her breath the instand the large door unlocked with the wave of her wand and she slowly pushed the door open to the hallway, stopping in her tracks at hearing the screech of metal upon metal. It had obviously been ages since anyone had dared entered this wing of the castle.

Gleaning that the coast was still clear, Dorcus shimmied inside afraid to open the door wider and alert her meanderings to anyone else so she closed the door behind her most slowly before taking a deep breath, then coughed at the dust, and iluminating her wand to see through the dark passages, began walking.

"Odd," she mused softly, realizing as she went that this looked only to be family quarters. Bedrooms along both sides of the hall, a small lady's library that held books of poetry and plays, and maps of exotic lands. This was a room Dor herself could love and stay in for ages, but something just did not sit well with her, there was a slight shiver to race up her spine as she stood in that small, brightly painted room.

Slowly backing out after running her hands along the dust covered shelves of books, Dorcus continued her trek, entering a nearby family room. There was a game of chess still on the ivory and ebony board by the cold fireplace--it looked as if it was still a game in play.

Walking over to the nearby window, Dorcus threw open the heavy velvet drapery to let in some light not worried that anyone outside would take notice for this wing of the castle was flush against a rocky hillside. But coughing up half a lung at the dust this move elicited, Dorcus backed away and suddenly in the distraction, her eyes caught on a painting above the mantle.

She stilled instantly, the sight hit her heard in the heart and to a pain she had been masking since the moment they left their home. It was innocent enough, a lovely young girl just a bit older than Ana...she stood in the painting with a gleam in her eyes and a pure white kitten in her arms. Suddenly and without any notice, Dorcus felt her stomach drop. This painting reminded her so much of Anabel the breath left the witch's chest.

Dropping to a nearby ottoman, Dorcus didn't notice the dust this time as she stared up at the painting and the dull ache of her heart was overwhelming. She missed her children terribly...and this was such a shock at seeing this portrait that it had crumbled the walls she had built to distract her of her guilt and want and missing her babies terribly.

Dorcus broke down in uncharacteristic sobs. She was blindsided.
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01 September 2012 @ 01:36 am
Still wearing the deep scowl from his confrontation with their host the previous day, Sirius was in the middle of dressing for their next run in, jerking and yanking his clothes as Dorcus gave a loud long suffering sigh behind him.

Not taking kindly to her non-verbal chiding, Sirius whipped around and fixed the full measure of his fierce expression on her. "Don't start on me witch. It's bad enough we're still here, but letting you talk me into running off and playing bloody detective with your fangy boyfriend is about the limit I tell you, the bloody limits!" Sirius huffed as Dorcus rolled her eyes at him.

"I will tell you this, one damned comment - veiled or not - and I will plant the biggest facer ever known on that oily git. Mess up that pretty face of his and maybe he won't be so eager to get a leg over another bloke's bird." The last he mostly muttered low with a heavy tinge of jealous possession.
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18 July 2012 @ 01:14 am
Dor had to admit, she adored the fur cuvered bed, it was both warm and luxurious. Snuggling down and going to lean against her wizard, Dorcus was unexpectedly met with the feel of cold sheets to her touch--Sirius was gone.

Sitting instantly, pulling the furs against her and the slight chill of the room, Dorcus then began searching the room in a bit of worry, but breathed a sigh of relief upon finding Sirius standing at the window, looking out to the frozen, dark landscape.

"Sirius? Are you all right?" she asked, her voice heavy with sleep. He was bothered by the lack of information Valentin and his people were giving them, she knew this and she knew it was heavy on his mind, even earlier when they had been having sex...she knew. It had been days, and still they were no further ahead than they were the day they arrived...maybe less so since the damned Advisors were out to get her since she told them off days earlier, or so the witch seemed to feel.

"Come to bed before you catch cold," she urged. "You can talk in this warm bed instead of standing there naked as the day you were born..." Dor insisted. "Besides, I need to know what's been brewing in that head of yours, you know...I can tell something is amiss," she gave him a lopsided smile while patting the mattress beside her and keeping the furs against her.
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