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02 March 2016 @ 11:22 pm
The People We See  
Tapping her toe, Dorcus stood in the long line that was leading to the witches loo. She could hear by the roar of the crowd that plaly had once again began and that made her toe tap even more from annoyance...okay, more from a full bladder, but still.

Arms over her chest, the witch sighed long and lound and then tried to distract herself by looking about and counting the poor souls waiting in line behind her. It was as she turned, that she caught sight of a blast from the past--Andromeda Black walking down the cooridor in her direction.

"Oh bloody hell on an ogre's fart," Dorcus groaned aloud, knowing what a blight this would be to her Sirius and Regulus and with that, those two would make their lives a living hell. But they would have to know--be warned.

Maybe the witch wouldn't see her. Who was she kidding...Dorcus Meadows could not be ignored nor ignore.

"Andromeda? What the blazes are you doing here and why?" the dark haired witch questioned a bit loudly trying to get the other's attention. "Are you slumming?" this last Dorcus giggled.
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Andromeda Blacklg_andromeda on March 8th, 2016 06:49 pm (UTC)
Andromeda hated public bathrooms and could not keep the distain off her face as she washed and toweled her hands dry. She began walking towards the exit when she heard the roar of the crowd. She guessed one of teams had scored. Not that she was really interested in the game. She had a basic agenda for attending an otherwise blasted event. It was time to search out Regulus. The look on his face would be precious when he saw she actually attended the Cup game. This made her giggle to herself.

Her reverie was broken as she nearly walked right into Dorcus Meadows, Sirius's witch.

Before she even had a chance to gather her wits, the woman was already insulting her. She collected her thoughts as she looked the woman up and down. She didn't even bother with the salutations.

"What am I doing here?" She repeated blithely.

Now she kept from smiling. Regulus must not have told anyone about his slip up with the lost ticket.

"Have you not spoken to Regulus?"

She almost gloated over the other witch's confusion.

"Regulus so kindly gave me my ticket. I am here to enjoy the games with my family. Speaking of, how is my cousin Sirius?" She couldn't help but throw that last bit out there.
lg_dorcus: Dorcus Smart and Sasssy by Kendralg_dorcus on March 11th, 2016 05:52 am (UTC)
Dorcus furrowed her brows. "Regulus? Regulus Black? He gave you a ticket? The Regulus Black I know wouldn't do that..." The witch then crossed her arms over her chest and frowned. She would so get to the bottom of this once she returned to her seat.

"As for Sirius, he is just fine..."

Why the blazes had she or Sirius not been warned of this surfacing.

"Really, why are you back?" Dorcus asked seriously. "After how you have treated this family do you honestly think you could just waltz right in here and not ruffle a few tempers?"

"You are a Black...you should know how they tend to roll, and sometimes it is not real pretty. What do you really have up your sleeve?" The dark-haired witch asked with true curiosity and not anger.
Andromeda Black: All Dressed Uplg_andromeda on March 11th, 2016 11:06 pm (UTC)
Andromeda tried to keep a straight face. Of course Regulus didn't tell his family. He had made a major league boo-boo sending her a ticket by accident. She wasn't sure if she should gloat or make nice.


"Well apparently your communication within your family must be flawed. He gave me the ticket alright. And here I am!" She held out her arms flamboyantly, laughing out loud, noting the a quick flash of annoyance on Dorcus' face. Gawd she loved this.

"And dear girl, I am back because your blasted brother-in-law ruined my horse. I had to cut my showing season short this year because Ferox thinks he's a damn stud instead of a formal eventing horse." This caused her to cut her laughter short and scowl. "So I am home now, and I am eager to hear about my family. That would include Regulus and Sirius. Not so sure about the rest of you... family by marriage doesn't really count."

Andromeda noted that Dorcus wasn't really mad. Curious was more like it. Odd. Andi supposed her laughing one minute and growling the next made her look a bit mad. Oh hells bells, she already had that reputation. She rather enjoyed it actually. Keeps people on their toes.

"Yes, I most definitely am a Black." she noted with pride. "Which means there is always something up a sleeve. You should know. You married one." She softened just a bit. "But in this case, I just want to see my family."

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lg_dorcus: Forward Grin by Kendralg_dorcus on March 19th, 2016 02:41 am (UTC)
Dorcus rolled her eyes and took note of the horse comment but let it slide since she really had no love for the bloody beasts. But she was sure to ask Regulus about this ticket situation...actually it made a bit of sense since the younger Black had been grumpier than normal before the trip and all attributed to his coming up with more tickets due to the self invites of James and the kids.

But she had to laugh out loud for a split second. "I'm not married to Sirius," she said for fact.

Tilting her head the dark-haired witch weighed the others words. "Oh, I know you Blacks well and that whole something up a sleeve crap..." but it was the comment about seeing her family that struck the witch's attention. If she was not mistaken, there was a ring of truth in the delivery...wasn't there?

"You are completely alone, aren't you?" Dorcus half commented and then half asked. "Not rightly sure your family is going to be so giddy to see you though...especially Tonks...you hurt her, and in turn, you pissed off Sirius and Regulus and let me let you in on a bit of a secret you may no realize..." she leaned in closer. "You do NOT want to get those two brothers to combine forces in anger against you...does not bode well for the victim."

"If you do mean what you say about 'catching' up...might I suggest neutral ground and a bit of a peace offering...or atleast proving this isn't one more of your games."

Even in her own mind, Dorcus had no idea how Andromeda could prove that. It was then that the witch thought she heard a familiar calling of her name from behind. "Please don't let it be Mags...please don't let it be Mags...Please...Mags!" she turned to greet the other witch, not sure how things would turn out between Andi and her due to the Regulus and Tonks factor.

"Let's get back, the boys will be wondering where we are..." she grabbed Magnolia's arm and tried to drag her away before she could notice the other witch.
Andromeda Blacklg_andromeda on March 22nd, 2016 06:33 pm (UTC)
It began to dawn on Andromeda that Dorcas may actually be pitying her. She clamped her mouth shut and blinked at the witch. How odd. She wasn't sure how to treat the situation. She was not one to be pitied. But somewhere in the recesses of her uncouth mind she felt the small prickle of gratitude.

She needed to play this hand properly. She really did want to see her family. Being involved in her family's lives had always been an issue with her. The past few years she let the relationships slide or dissolve. She wasn't exactly pure of heart in this. But Regulus was no winged angel himself. He had his major flaws too. They both did. Both their behaviors contributed to their terse relationship, which at this point was non-existent. Without seeming too mushy, she needed to relate this back to him.

It was clear to her that Dorcus may be her only ticket to remedying her situation. It's not as if she could go through Regulus' witch. What was her name? Magpie? Mudbottom? She dropped the thought.

"Yes." She slowly began, not wanting to sound over zealous. "Neutral ground seems fair. If I am treated fairly, I promise no games. Can you set this up?"

Suddenly a new voice called out. She could see Dorcus twitch ever so slightly.

Mags! Magnolia! Ah... that pretentious woman. Never could see what Reg saw in her.

Whatever ground she may have made with Dorcus could most possibly be wrecked by Magnolia. The two never had ever seen eye to eye.

"Hello there Magpie." Andromeda could not help herself. Any bit of vulnerability she may have garnered with Dorcus was now shot to hell.

"Do tell your husband I am so grateful for my ticket."